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Current stable release: 1.0.2
Current stable (ancient) release: 0.5.1



Fixed spelling mistakes and a warning in the configure script.


GCC 4.8 fixes. Thanks to Robin Lee who sent me the some patches. Some bugs in the configure script were fixed.


After 2 Years of no changes at all, I've made a bugfix in the unstable release. And since I've never had any problems with this version I call it 1.0.0 now. Maybe it's because the ancient 0.5.1 even won't compile on my SuSE 10.3 box :-)


Ported the unstable release to gcc 4.x series.


During the last 2 years I made some small bugfixes, added small features and always thought that the changes are too small for publishing a new release. But all together these changes are to heavy for simple publishing it as a stable release.
So here it is: a preview unstable release of something that may will become version 1.0.0.
From now on all unstable releases are marked explicit as unstable!
Sources are available on Sourceforge Download Page


XStow is now integrated in the ports system of Free BSD.


XStow is now available on debian/unstable.
Thanks to Mats Rynge for uploading the package.


XStow is a replacement of GNU Stow written in C++. It supports all features of Stow with some extensions.

XStow as GNU Stow, are programs for managing the installation of software packages, keeping them separate (/usr/local/stow/emacs vs. /usr/local/stow/perl, for example) while making them appear to be installed in the same place (/usr/local).

Stow requires Perl. But what's on systems where no Perl is available, or not yet installed? I tried compiling Stow with perlcc, but it failed.

For compiling XStow a C++ compiler and a system with a couple of POSIX functions is required. It does not depend on an interpreter. Static compilation eg.: for resque disks is possible.

XStow installs packages in exact the same way like stow, so you even can start a Linux From Scratch installation with XStow and when Perl is running, you can continue installation by using GNU Stow.

Even the command line options are compatible.

But there are:

Special Features

All of them breaking compatibility with Stow!
But who cares... :)


Even if there is the 'X' in XStow's name, it is a complete command line based application. There is no X11 support in any way.

Manpage XStow   Manpage xstow.ini   Manpage merge-info   Sourceforge Page (download there)

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